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    Jingdu International Equestrian Culture Company is a registered member of CHIA and CEA. Over the years, our company has been engaged in improving thoroughbred breeding, and actively participate in national speed racing competitions with excellent results: 2009 National Speed Racing, our horse Ferrari got the first prize in 1000 meters; 2013 National Speed Racing Tour, Jinan station, our horse Gold got the first prize in 1000 meters ; and Dielianhua got The Best Horse Image Award in 2013.
    Our company owns over 120 mu horse farm in Baoding, Hebei province, including international racecourse, equestrian training park, exhibition of horses, international horse fair, training schools, horse-breeding center, horse hospital, comprehensive office building, etc.

    Equestrian Club is the future trend of development, with the number of domestic Chinese economic affluent population increase, equestrian sports cognition and acceptance of each year in the high growth. In the European and American...